About iProcess Data Systems

We are a group of highly motivated software developers, who are good at one thing, that is Developing web-based and mobile based applications using the following technologies:

Microsoft .NET Technology, ASP.NET, Web API, MVC, .NET Core, SignalR, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Service, Telerik, Xamarin, Entity Framework, Subsonic, Dapper ORM, Entity Space (ORM), Progressive WebApp (PWA), AngularJS, ReactJS, Knockouts, NodeJS, Adobe Cordova, Ionic Framework, Firebase, Hybrid Mobile App Development, Native Mobile App Development, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap. Typescript, Automation Testing(Selenium), and Manual Testing.


We have successfully developed and implemented an enterprise software suite for oil & gas as well as petrochemical and manufacturing companies in the United States & in India. Please take a look at www.turner-isg.com. We don’t claim to know all technologies out there like other software companies but we are confident and very good at the technologies listed above. We are a small, happy group and we help out each other to complete the project on time.

Our company management has empowered us with freedom and responsibility to achieve success for our customers and for ourselves. Thank you for visiting our website. We will be looking forward to working with you and to making our relationship successful.

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