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Benefits of iProcess Tool Tracking Software

A good tool tracking software system can save business owner thousands of dollars in waste each year. Whether classified as fixed assets, consumables, or simply tools, every contractor has valuable equipment assigned to various employees and jobsites. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself

• How much is it costing every year in lost tools?
• How many duplicate tools do I buy every year?
• How could I save with a Tool Tracking Software?

Using iProcess tool tracking software, you can reduce losses by holding your employees and subcontractors accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Everything is tracked through a simple barcode-scanning system. It is a web based system designed to managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables more efficiently across your organization. This application securely stores critical information on all of warehouse and field operation assets in one centralized database. The result is reduced tool costs, automated management of materials, more consistent equipment service management and more accurate job costs and billing.

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