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Electronic Procedures – Improve procedures usage in the field by process operators

What is a standard operating Procedure?’

A standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out routine operations. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply to industry regulations.

Reasons for poor procedure usage by the operators in the field.

  •  Inconsistencies between procedures
  •  Procedures are not up to date due to lack of MOC process
  •       Lack of procedure training
  •  Too much text in action steps.
  •  Supporting information limitations
  •  Variances between procedure writers
  •  Lack of Human factors analysis.

Limitations with the current SOP writing methodology

Currently the standard operating procedures are written using Microsoft word document which has a serious limitation because procedure authors make mistakes by wasting time in formatting the document versus focusing on the content/intent of the procedure. Since each author follows his own formatting style it is difficult to achieve standardization. Also, making common change across all procedures takes a long period of time.

iProcess Electronic Procedures System (Better & Smarter Procedures)

• By using electronic procedures database, you can eliminate all the issues mentioned above. At iProcess we have developed a web & tablet based electronic procedure management system where authors can focus on the content and leave the formatting & standardization to the software system.

• Critical procedure steps will be presented in step-executable format on handheld devices in the field, and in much the same way pilots check off steps for crucial portions of flight operations, plant operations personnel will consistently and uniformly execute process operations in the agreed and approved “one best way.”

• Operators’ procedure ownership and procedure maintenance is strengthened because they can easily spot procedure deficiencies, or opportunities for improvement, on the spot, and submit change requests in the field which can be subsequently acted upon more promptly. They will thereby be more motivated to follow the procedures for which their input was valued and incorporated in their more usable documents.

• Using iProcess editor you can easily configure templates and achieve consistency.
• Authors can focus on the content and the software system will produce the views.
• Integrated Management of Change
• Easily batch update procedure content using re-usable objects.
• Download procedures on your tablets (i-Pad, Android) and execute the procedures in the field.
• Submit change requests in the filed using your tablet device.
• Integrate your operating limits at the step level.
• Standard reports and customize your own reports
• Seamless email notifications during the life cycle of MOC including reminder emails.
• Easily manage annual review and certification process.
• Easy to use web based application developed based on powerful Microsoft .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL Server Database

ABOUT iProcess
iProcess provides web & tablet based enterprise software applications that enhances Safety, Productivity and Compliance in heavily regulated and high risk chemical, energy, oil & gas and construction companies. iProcess focused areas are Process Safety management, Environmental Safety, Operational Excellence, Reliability Centered Maintenance
iProcess goal is to work with our Customers in Oil & Gas, Chemical & Construction Industries and their contractors to implement operational and manufacturing excellence programs and drive companies to achieve

• Zero Process Related Safety Incidents
• Zero Injuries
• Zero Environmental Releases
• Zero Defects

iProcess Apps (

· AUDITS AND INSPECTIONS – includes i-Pad/Android tablet application
· ELECTRONIC PERMIT TO WORK – includes i-Pad/Android tablet application
· JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS – includes i-Pad/Android tablet application
· ELECTRONIC PROCEDURE MANAGEMENT – includes i-Pad/Android tablet app.

iProcess ROI

• Improved Safety and avoid hefty regulatory fines and fees. Compliance with OSHA, EPA and other regulatory agencies.
• Faster permit Issuing and avoid contractor delays
• Improved quality by tracking recommendations, action items and risk related issues
• Capture knowledge from senior employees and improve knowledge retention curve
• Improved Reliability
• Reduced Process Related incidents, Injuries & Defects
• Uptick in quality of your procedures & SOL
• Critical Asset Availability and Fix Bad Actors
• Improved Safety & Quality Culture among employees

iProcess Contact Information
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(800) 590-1561